Capture business cards & receipts with your Smartphone
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Features of capturengo

No keying in data — expense and contact details extracted automatically from images!

Website tools help you organize receipts and business cards

Reduce the amount of time it takes to process expenses by 50%

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New!  Send receipts and business cards from any smartphone
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capturengo is ideal for professionals and salespeople who
travel and network. A quick and easy means to get new
business leads is already in your hands with our mobile app
and our new email features.

Capture a receipt or a business card
image and it's returned to you
ready-to-use. Manage expenses
from airline tickets, hotel stays,
care rentals, restaurants, and online
retailers with only a couple of clicks
on your smartphone.

Organize your receipts, contacts and expenses for FREE!

New Feature!
  • email receipts and business cards directly from any smartphone
  • capturengo now supports electronic receipts that you email to your account.
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When you get a business card or a receipt from airlines, hotels, online stores, rental cars, restaurants, or everyday shopping, capture it with capturengo. Never lose a receipt or important contact again. Just email it to capturengo!