Capture business cards & receipts with your Smartphone
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Features of capturengo

No keying in data — expense and contact details extracted automatically from images!

Website tools help you organize receipts and business cards

Reduce the amount of time it takes to process expenses by 50%

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Whether your business is big, small... or somewhere in between, capturengo provides added control, and streamlines the expense management process.

By implementing capturengo on a corporate level, you can:
  • Promote the prompt submission of employee expenses
  • Can better manage budgets and cash flow by monitoring real-time expenses incurred by your staff
  • capturengo acts as a front end interface to an existing T&E system
  • Implement a paperless, "green" way to process IRS acceptable expense reports
  • Get your sales team focused on what they do SALES
    • Help remain more efficient
    • Eliminate the possibility of losing receipts
    • Captures business cards while on the road
    • Reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare expenses by over 50%
    • Allows them to focus on sales and not paper pushing