Capture business cards & receipts with your Smartphone
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Features of capturengo

No keying in data — expense and contact details extracted automatically from images!

Website tools help you organize receipts and business cards

Reduce the amount of time it takes to process expenses by 50%

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Testimonials: What they're saying...

"Prior to using capturengo, I could not keep up with all the receipts and business cards I got while on a business trip. Now I have no worries!"
- Sue, Miami, FL

"I go to so many trade shows, When I got home I always ended up losing business because I could not keep the business cards I received organized. capturengo helped me finally get organized!"
- Mark, Boston, Massachusetts

"I would get so frustrated when I got back to the office from a business trip and my boss would expect an expense report the same day. I'd have to look for all my receipts, which I either lost or they were buried somewhere, which meant that I then lost money. With capturengo, I save time and money!"
- Alejandro, Chicago, IL

"A service that everyone should use to keep receipts, business cards and yourself organized! I will definitely use this service even after I retire."
- James, San Francisco, CA

"I finally discovered a way to not lose my receipts when I jump out of a cab!"
- Thomas, New York City, NY

"I cannot believe that I can just take a picture of a receipt on my phone, send it to my capturengo account and not worry about losing anything when I am done having lunch with a client. Now with a service like capturengo, my problems have magically disappeared."
- Jaclyn, Dallas, Texas

"It's the application I use most on my Iphone. It's simple, safe, and it saves me time and money while I am on the go. I recommend capturengo to everyone!"
- Paul, Denver, CO

"My manager no longer gets upset with me when I have to submit an expense report at the end of the year. My reports are clear, more organized, and I can send it to her just by clicking a few buttons."
- Cindy, Raleigh, NC